Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The NOVA Chaos Lists

NOVA Open was this weekend. I didn't go, but perhaps you did. I thought I'd post up the four Chaos lists that made the top 16.

Gareth Hunt, 3rd Place

Gareth was a Screamerstar player here in AZ back in 6th who has since moved. Screamerstar got more viable, and Imperial Knights certainly make for a solid support to the standard summoning list. Looking at Tony Kopach's list with all the Fire Dragons and Wraithknights, I could see this struggling with the champ's army.

Justin Adams, 10th Place

Justin was top 8 at LVO with a similarly baffling list. You just look at it and marvel. Kharn on foot with Zombies. Terminators deep striking with Typhus. No way to reliably deliver all his reserves at once, so he risks coming in piecemeal. He clearly knows exactly what he's doing with it, however. He must be a fantastic player. Best CSM player on the planet hands down!

Kelsey Haley, 11th Place

The Nurgle Circus ain't dead! With 2+ cover all the time and enough warp charge to summon three units per turn, you can see how this works. Roll once on Malefic, if you get Cursed Earth roll again, otherwise roll twice on Biomancy to go for Iron Arm and Life Leech to heal those saves you fail.

Alex Fennel, 14th Place

It's pretty much a take on the summon while you rush 'em list. The list is almost totally unable to deal with Imperial Knights, but it's fast enough to saturate a lot of armies with threats while calling down more.

Congratulations to all four. Clearly there are plenty of ways to play Chaos and still hold your own. I did find it odd how few Space Marines were represented in the top ranks compared with BAO. Us west coast dudes have a different thing going on.

Monday, September 1, 2014

How You Go Save Money In This Hobby

I am a huge cheapskate when it comes to this hobby. I make enough to support a family of four comfortably on one salary in Phoenix, but we are comfortable because we don't toss our money down the crapper. I am always on the lookout for deals. I’m all for you supporting your FLGS, and the FLGS does get my money from time to time, but Ima do what’s best for me.

So today, as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Organized Labor, I give you, the working schmuck my guide to stretching your dollar (or quid) in this hobby.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Future of Chaos

We provide a full service blog here at 40k Daemons. We deal with gaming tactics, modeling, pop culture, sports, matters of the heart…

Today we talk about the future and whether one should be looking forward to it or no as a Chaos player. First, I must caveat by saying I have no actual information about any changes forthcoming to either Chaos book, or when they might appear. Even though it turned out to be true that you could take Ragnar Blackmane for free if your entire army is in drop pods, not all of us are privileged to have such well-informed little birds as may other sites. Nay, what follows is speculation based on what we’ve seen from the 7e releases so far.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Last of the Fallen

My Fallen Angels are complete (for the moment)!  The last group I had was the Dark Vengeance terminators.  I also saved Cypher for the last group of photos.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How You Beat Dem: Imperial Knights

Imperial Knights make a fine addition to almost any army because they must be dealt with somehow. A competent player will probably run 1-2, maybe 3. Anyone playing 5 Knights is probably not at the tourney to win it and most-likely has a very snappy paint job. Chaos struggles to kill these more than most armies. Tau can drop them like flies, as can Elfdars. Space Marines with bikes or pods also have few troubles. Chaos has none of these luxuries. So what you do if you see one or several? There are a few techniques: let’s call them, trolling, tarpit and keel! Whether you face one or five, these are the only three things you can really do about it, and it should be enough to let you hang in there in most missions. But if you face five Knights in a KP mission, you gonna lose!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Got Nothin, Dudes!

Howdy! Been awhile since I rapped at ya. Been trying to come up with something to talk about and it hasn't gone well.

After the team tourney last week, Allan said he wanted to face Space Marines, so I brought them this weekend, only to find he was playing a rather hardcore Eldar/GK NOVA list and had meant to tell me to bring my hardest list and forgot to. So I only had Relictors/Space Wolves, which I do not play well yet and got worked.

However, I can see how the east coast fellas think summoning Daemon armies are good. We played NOVA mission 1 for the first time. Those cumulative missions that let you rack up points over the course of the mission make the ability to drop crap onto the table quite advantageous. Kind of wish I'd had the right army to do that. Anyway, NOVA is this weekend and we'll see how that plays out. In the meantime, if youz got ideas for topics of conversation, put em in the comments.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Building at 1500 Points

Good news! I played a couple more games of Warmachine last night and won one of them! Third time's a charm. Didn't take twenty games at all! Shoulda won both of them but the damn Troll caster got back up three times in a row on a 5+! No one cares! Moving on!

Several readers have been asking how one might go about constructing a 1500 point list as that is the vogue points total in their area. As I sees it, 1500 points is a tricky level to work at because it favors ranged attacks on mobile platforms very heavily. That is, it is very easy if you have Wave Serpents and Wraithknights and Warp Spiders, to spread out and engage from a safe distance, whereas an assault army has to be located at the same place as its target. Moreover, expensive maulers like Imperial Knights become even more difficult to remove at that points total, yet remain fast and rangy enough to lose nothing.
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