Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Astra Militarum Allies: Elites

I wanted to take a moment to address the controversy about whether Priests or Officers of the Fleet can use the highest LD in their unit for their checks. The answer is yes. The pertinent rules for taking a leadership test are condensed below. I have edited out the extraneous stuff.

At certain times, a model might be called upon to take a leadership test.

To take a Leadership test, use the following procedure:

- Roll 2D6 and compare the result to the model's leadership.

- If a unit includes models with different leadership values, always use the highest Leadership among them.

Then on page 67 where it talks about Psychic checks it says:

Where Leadership tests could be taken on the value of another model, a Psychic test...

So can a LD check be taken using the LD of another model? Yes, but not for psychic tests.

Is the Priest and OOF taking an LD check? Yes. Is the Commander in that unit another model? Yes. Can the Priest use the LD of that model? Yes. In fact, it must per the rules.

Trust me, I'd prefer it weren't so. Moving on to the Elites section!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A New Look At Our Old Buds

It has been a long time since I last fielded IG allies, and when I did, they were Chewie's models. But with the new book out, it's a fine time to look at what traitor Guard can bring to the forces of Chaos. I don't ever plan to use Astra Militarum as anything other than an ally to my three armies, but I'm interested in exploring what they have to offer in that role. I am not going to try to figure out the nasty combos to get the army to work as a primary force. Not interested, but I think it involves Pask in a Punisher. AM really isn't my style, but there is a lot to like.

I view AM through the prism of a world in which the problem children are death stars, monstrous creatures, and Wave Serpents. You see, I am in favor of fewer Wave Serpents, rather than more. Also, it's pretty clear, AM are better allies for Space Marine armies than Chaos as they grant divination and have lots of cool synergy.

Can AM help me deal with any of these things better than the tried and true CSM/Daemons team? Well, it's tough to outdo a Be'lakor circus, but there are some tools. Nevertheless, I'm always going to ask myself if this pick is going to get popped by a Wave Serpent on the first turn because those things can get to side armor quite easily, and they have an absurd amount of firepower for the price.

Friday, April 11, 2014

FAQ's Will Be Back

Like most of you, I was distraught that GW did not put up the FAQ's with the new website and now I have to pay 105 points for my Helbrutes. So I called customer service and the menial (to use the 40k parlance) said that they were told that they were told the FAQ's would go back up in the near future, but they weren't given a date.

So fear not, the FAQ's will return, but until then, remember, vector strikes don't ignore cover and the Heldrake can't shoot all around!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

IG Leaked In Spanish


I have retained an astonishing amount of high school Spanish despite not having used the language with any regularity in well over a decade and having spent about four days of my life in Mexico, so I can read this somehow.

Amusingly, it says that ANY Guardsman in an infantry squad that does not form a heavy weapon team, or vox caster may take a special weapon. So, 9 flamers, HAHA! Wonder if that makes it into the English version.

As IG sorry, Astra Militarum is one of the viable allies for Daemons and CSM, I'll be reviewing this when it goes live next week in our never-ending quest to run out of content for a blog with such limited scope.

Of note, Lemon Russes got cheap! Primaris Psykers get Divination, Biomancy, Pyromancy and Telekinesis, as can Wyrdvane Psykers so AM can TL anything.

Blob squads are still in. I was wondering about that.

Couple New Models I Spotted on the new GW Site

Has anyone seen this guy before? I don't remember him on the old site. It's an Iron Warriors Warsmith. Even has a description that hints at a forthcoming IW supp.

With their skills at fighting sieges, the Iron Warriors Warsmiths are amongst the greatest tacticians in the galaxy. They are technically gifted and have the equipment to accompany their skills. Only Iron warriors armies may include a Warsmith as its Chaos Lord.

It's metal so maybe it's old stock they're trying to get rid of?

I never saw this new Termy Lord either. Did I just miss it? This one is also metal. And is that Night Lords hero new? I can't remember.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Play The Flying Circus: Part the Third

This series seems particularly apropos since it just won Adepticon. By most accounts I’ve read, the tournament was an unspoken dud with everyone who went outwardly claiming to have enjoyed it, but when you peel back the onion, there were a lot of complaints about the comp ruling, the kill point heavy missions and the very open terrain that was befuddling to many. The comp rules encouraged bringing death star lists and the missions rewarded doing so. Well hell.

Ah well, I wasn’t there. Fortunately, the Circus is a good answer to many death stars.

In the first two installments for playing the flying circus, we talked about keeping your flying baddies alive uber alles, and trying to make sure the objectives are spread out so that the other guy can’t squat in one high-value location.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Quickie AdeptiCon Batrep (More detailed report to follow)

Sorry for the long absence, folks.  RL has gotten in the way gaming and my free time has been dedicated largely to other stuff.

But I just got back from AdeptiCon, so it's time to show off...

Yep, I did manage to win Best All-Around on Thursday, going 4-0 to qualify for the finals on Friday.  The All-Around includes battle (honor), sports, and painting.  Unfortunately, my lack of preparation meant that I fell in round 1 of the finals to Alex Fennel's Seerstar (although I only lost by first blood...1 more 3+ save/4+ FNP would have given me the win...more on that later).  Nick Nanavati defended his title using essentially a flying circus build, so Chaos Daemons won both the All-Around and the Warmaster titles. 

Anyway, what you're all interested in is probably more of the stuff after the jump...

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