Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Chaos Space Marine Reviews: Heavy Support

We'll wrap this series up before I go out the door tomorrow. I'm on vacation all next week after BAO. We're dumping the kids with the grandparents and spending a few days in the south bay. So you won't hear much outta me for a good week and a half. I have no idea what to expect at BAO with the edition so new, so I'm just going to play my game and hope for the best. Don't expect any batreps with purty pictures, either. Ain't got time for that shit in 2:45...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chaos Space Marine Reviews: Elites

I think the number of appealing Elites choices in all codices from CSM onward can be counted on one hand. Lessee... Riptides... Um... Crisis Suits, but they're usually troops. Ironclad Dreadnoughts? Well, I've never seen one, so I guess not... Wow... Fire Dragons! Okay, two-and-a-half!

So I guess this time I'll talk about why you don't like your elite choices, and we'll throw in Cypher for the hell of it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wanna See My BAO List?

The BAO FAQ came out today. Reece and a number of other TO's from very large national tournaments met a few days ago, to, I assume, coordinate their rulings and create a comprehensive GT FAQ for one and all. First someone proposed they open the meeting with the Tournament Organizer Dance. Then once that was complete they moved into the business of coordinating their rulings on the Games Workshop FUQ's.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Chaos Space Marine Reviews: Fast Attack

Someone pointed out I didn't include Cypher in the HQ review. This is true. We'll toss him in with the Elites when we get to it since there isn't much left in that slot to talk about. Today is fast attack!


We should start with the elephant in the room. While once the terror of the skies and probably the best flyer in the game, now you probably won’t see it in on the table in the hands of a competitive Chaos player. Consider the baleflamer. Assuming (which you can’t) that the Drake comes on turn 2, it will kill 4-8 models, tops with the flamer. Nothing compared to what a Wyvern squadron or Thunderfire can do. Then it may no longer have a target and be forced to leave the board. At that rate of killing, it is tough to justify its cost.

If the enemy is heavily mechanized, this thing is SOL. And since when is killing infantry hard to do? Its best target are those annoying Eldar jetbikes, and bikes in general, but the nerf to vector strikes made it less attractive in that role as well.

The hades Drake has some value that it can force other flyers to jink, which is a good thing to do, if no substitute for being a major threat to other flyers. Had it retained the 360° fire arc, you could still do the vector strike, rear armor shot with Daemonforge, which was its bread and butter, but that is lost, and it doesn’t work on ground vehicles at all, so it’s not really worth bothering with. Even so, it’s still better anti-flyer than anything else Chaos can field besides a lash Prince with Iron Arm. I believe I did the math some time ago and the hades Drake is still better AA shooting than flak Havocs, plus it has the vector strike.

Sad times, but my Drakes will be spending the next several years in the box outside of friendly games.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Chaos Space Marine Reviews: Troops

I lumped everything that could possibly be a troop into this section since it's not all that unusual to be running a marked Lord of some sort in a CSM detachment. Since that encompasses pretty much the whole Elites section save for like three units, the Elites review will be short.

Chaos Space Marines

There’s no practical way to make them what one might describe as “good”. You can add a Lord or Apostle to make them fearless, but they’re still on foot. You can make them Fearless and S5 with Fabius, but you have to take Fabius. They get swept if not fearless and they come up against anything mean, though that's hardly different than what will happen to Tacticals in the same scenario.. If they could take a heavy weapon at 5 models, you could sit them back with an autocannon in a Rhino and a havoc launcher and have a halfway decent cheap, objective secured unit. Alas, no can do.

Their selling point over Tacticals is the extra LD, and the ability to take two special weapons and/or two melee weapons making them better at midfield. With meltaguns making a comeback, this is okay. Now, Rhinos I like. Certainly, Rhinos are nice to have for extra objective secured, unfortunately, the nature of the army necessitates rolling those Rhinos into harm’s way.

Give them an assault transport and we’ve really got something here. Until then, we don’t.

Monday, July 14, 2014

What's Left for CSM/Daemons? (The Conclusion)

After discussing a specific list in the last article I ran a version of that list at a local tournament with pleasant results.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rocking The Tzeentch Clown Car

Victory at last! I have scored my first win over Blackmoor since 6th edition after several close calls. I listened to him arguing with James Watkins on the 11th company podcast about whether or not a summoning list based on his Spawntide list would work.

Rob Tilly, who lost to Nanavati in the finals of Adepticon, developed a list that has four Tzeralds as allies, with CSM primary. The CSM bring Sorcerers on bikes with Spawn, two squads of Cultists, and Screamers and Horrors as allies. The idea is to send the heavy threats at the other guy while calling more down.

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